The convenience of disposable packaging without the guilt!

Biodegradable products can be a great alternative to single use plastic. Our product range is growing all the time, helping us to further support caterers, coffee shops, delis and more, who what to demonstrate their deep commitment to help protect our environment. 

Biodegradable materials can come from renewable sources and are a great alternative to synthetics materials that can come from non-renewable sources.


A renewable resource is a resource that can be used and replaced repeatedly. For example, wood is a renewable resource because we can plant more trees to replace the ones being cut down. A non-renewable source is a source that will run out or not be replenished in our lifetime. A good example of this is plastic as it is made from fossil fuels.


The great thing about a biodegradable material is that it will break down into natural materials without causing any harm to the environment. This process is fairly quick compared to the many years other items, made from synthetic materials can take to breakdown. Biodegradable materials include; food scraps, organic fibres like cotton or wool, wood, manufactured materials from natural materials like paper and cardboard.


Another biodegradable material which we use a great deal in food and drink packaging is PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastic. PLA is made from corn starch or sugar cane and is a great alternative to plastic. With a melting point between 150˚C -160˚C, PLA is a good material to use for both hot and cold applications. Most of our biodegradable range, like the Planet range and the Envirosips have PLA coating or are made from PLA.

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  1. The process starts with growing plants like corn, potatoes or sugar cane, anything with a high starch content, this is the material that replaces the petroleum.

  2. The plants are then harvested and processed to extract their starches.

  3. The starches are then processed further. This is done in bio-refineries where special enzymes are added or fermentation takes places, to produce chemical compounds that react to make plastics.

  4. The pellets of the starch compounds are used to make plastic cups or lining for paper cups as well as plates, utensils and other products. This product can now be used.

  5. When the user is finished with the product they can place their biodegradable product in an organic waste collection bin.

  6. The organic waste, when processed correctly, will compost and become mulch. This mulch when returned to the earth, can help new crops grow, completing the cycle and starting again.

Our biodegradable product range

We have a great selection of biodegradable products for your business to take a step towards a more sustainable and greener packaging solution.

The Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take for a biodegradable item to decompose?
Biodegradable items can take 3 to 6 months to decompose completely, if in the right conditions. Various factors, like temperature and amount of moisture present, can affect the rate of decomposition.
How can I tell if something is biodegradable?
We endeavor to put as much information on the website as possible, including biodegradability and compostability. Most of our biodegradable range is labelled for better disposal.
What is the difference between biodegradable plastic and other plastic?
Most plastic is made from oil and petroleum. These sources are both non-renewable and take a very long time to disintegrate. Because of this, most plastic is hard to dispose of and harmful to the environment. PLA plastic is manufactured out of plant-based materials.
Do plant based plastics perform well?
Absolutely! PLA has come along way and is now a well established material to use for hot and cold applications in food and beverage products.
Shall I eliminate all my recyclable plastic products?
Some plastics have a very successful recycle rate including PET. The best solution would be to check with your local recycling centre to see what materials they can recycle to get a better idea on an environmentally friendly solution for your business.