Recycling is a key component to modern waste reduction. It is a term used to describe the treatment and processing of materials to make them suitable for reuse. This can help reduce the amount we sent to landfill.


What materials are recyclable?

There are a number of items recycled in the UK now through local recycling centres, some items are even picked up from our doorsteps. There are 4 main groups of packaging materials that are widely recycled; Aluminium often in the form of drinking cans, Glass, usually in the form of jars or bottles, paper and plastics. Food waste and compostable products are also collected and processed at specialist sites. A number of our products are made from one of these materials. Our specification sheets under each product can help you identify what material items are made from and if they can be recycled.


There are so many benefits to recycling, from reducing the amount of product that goes to landfill, to saving energy. It is important we all do our part to conserve our environment.

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  1. The process starts with the product being placed in the recycling bin,

    when the user is finished with the item.

  2. This is then collected locally and sent to a recycling centre to be processed.

  3. The product is then unloaded onto a conveyor belt where it is sorted, normally by hand, removing any non-recyclable plastic and other items.

  4. The plastic is then cleaned. This is to remove any foreign substance like food

    from plastic trays and residue from bottles and liquid packaging.

  5. The products are then sorted again, this time by colour. 

    The sorted plastic is then shredded and reformed into pellets.

  6. The pellets are fed into a mould where they are used to create new products like plastic furniture or other packaging.

Our recyclable product range

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How do I know what is recyclable?

The world of environmentally friendly products is a confusing one. We have done our research and sorted out the best bits so you don't have to. Click the colours below to get started.


Polythylene Terephthalate


PET is commonly used in food packaging because of its ability to keep oxygen away from food and drink and keeps gases in carbonated drinks in. In fact we have a few PET materials here like our PET smoothie cup range.


Example of products: Soft Drinks Bottles, Microwave Trays, Hinged Containers.


Mobius Loop

The Mobius Loop is a very well-known symbol but there is a lot of confusion on what it actually means. It indicates if a product is capable of being recycled. However, it does not mean it is will be recycled by local authority, or that it has already been recycled.

Widely Recycled

You will see this symbol on packaging that is considered to be recycled by at least 75% or more of local authorities in the UK